Click on the images below for a demo of how I coloured them with Copic Markers.



Short movies

David Lynch – I Know

My entry for the music video competition run by

Eye Spy

Harry Welles and his dog discover a crashed alien spacecraft in the woods – is this the beginning of an invasion?


Orbiting Earth a lone scientist watches in horror as his planet decends into nuclear Armageddon!

Dead Air

What ancient evil lives within the rusted angles of an abandoned aeriel?

Working’ it

Time lapse of 2 hours of sketch card drawing.

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Dave 11 years ago .

Hey You’re great dude. with those copic markers! i was considering to buy them since they are not so cheap but since I saw what You can do it with them and how You work with them I was inspired!

Thanks a lot ! I hope You can make some more videos in the future !

All the best!

Trev Murphy 11 years ago .

Thanks Dave! I’ll be getting some Letraset Tria markers this week. They are very like Copic markers so I’ll post a video so people can see what they are like. They cost about the same but you can buy nice small nibs for them, which is handy.
All the best,

Jamere E. 11 years ago .

Hey Trev your art is amazing man especially all the iron man and joker sketch cards you did/do
but what i wanted to know was where you get your sketch cards from or if you make them your self what size
thank you you man and keep up the great work :mrgreen:

Trev Murphy 11 years ago .

Hi Jamere, thanks for the message! I cut the cards myself from A4 sheets of Bristol board. They are 2.5 by 3.5 inches. I’ll be working on more iron man and Joker cards soon! All the best, Trev 😉

Jennifer Mercer 11 years ago .

WOW! I watched the demo vid of the Wendy card. THANK YOU so much for posting these!! I learned sooo much!!! You are incredible!! 😀

Trev Murphy 11 years ago .

Hey thanks Jennifer, so glad you like it! Love your graphite portraits, beautiful work! The Ray Park and Salma Hayek ones are amazing! 🙂

Łukasz 11 years ago .

This is AMAZING!! You’re the best!!

Trev Murphy 11 years ago .

Thanks, glad you like them! 😉

Joe 11 years ago .

Thanks so much for posting all these demos. They are really helpful to the aspiring artists like me

Trev Murphy 11 years ago .

No problem! I’ll post more this year! 😉

Christiaan 10 years ago .

heej Trev,

you’re amazing i saw your work on DA aswell, i add some to my faves ofcourse my name is ChristiaanR1990 there, im not a colour guy 🙁 i never even bought any colours. But you make me think man, like i have to start colouring like you do:D i’ve seen all your video’s amazing how you use so many colours :O i’d like to see more video’s 😉

Greetings, Much Love


Trev Murphy 10 years ago .

Hey thanks, I’m glad the videos helped! I’ll do more soon! 😉

JILL HADDAD 10 years ago .

AMAZING!!!! I’m totally blown away by the colors you used to achieve flesh tones! Who would have thought – lemon yellow, lime green????? Fantastic! Now I have to play around and see what I can accomplish. tfs.

Lee Billingham 10 years ago .

Hi Trevor. Great site Dude, love you work. I’m just starting out myself and I’m dabbling with ink. I’ve used Letraset promarkers before but have been looking for some good markers to use. Your videos have been invaluable to me and I will be purchasing some Copics (my birthday next month – guess what’ll be on my list) real soon. Check out my Joker painting; it was the first ever painting I did in Dec 2008. After looking for, buying, moving into and doing up a house over the last year, I can finally get going with my art. You’re an inspiration, I salute you! :0) Take care. Lee.

Trev Murphy 10 years ago .

Thanks a lot Lee! Love your website and your work is really nice! Good luck with the Copics – I recomment trying Bristol board as they blend really well on that paper!

Marina 10 years ago .

Hey, these videos are amazing! i have never heard of this marker but ill be sure to try it!
keep them coming! id love to see more!

Trev Murphy 10 years ago .

Thanks! 😉

Elle Rollinz 10 years ago .

Hey Trev,

I LOVE Copic markers, and what you did with them was not only amazing but very educational. Thank you for sharing how you create some of these wonderful pictures. Your work is totally sic and I wish you much continued success. Thanks for posting, love your site too.


Trev Murphy 10 years ago .

Hey thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed them! 😉

Oliver Rhodes 9 years ago .

Hey Trev, I just wanna say how much you have inspired me with doing artwork. 🙂 I think I’ve never seen pictures colourful and realistic, until I ran into these and I have confidence I will get to your level someday!

You are an inspiration man and keep the artwork going!

Stay Groovie,
Oliver Rhodes

Trev Murphy 9 years ago .

Thanks Oliver, you too! 😉