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Copic Markers Demo – Joker #2

How I coloured Nurse Joker with Copic markers.

21 Responses to “Copic Markers Demo – Joker #2

  1. Claire (Riala) -

    Very helpful, thank you Mr Murphy!

  2. Remy -

    Another amazing video! Your work is amazing – this is a HUGE help… I can’t thank you enough, sir!

  3. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks Remy, glad you found it useful! ;D

  4. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks Claire, I’ve two more on the way, should be up on Monday. Cheers! ;D

  5. craig gilliland (gillilandx892) -

    Thats Fantastic! great to watch you at work!

  6. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks Craig! 🙂

  7. Annie -

    So amazing.
    I need to get some of these copic markers.

  8. Trev Murphy -

    Yeah, they’re great!

  9. kirk -

    awesome work dude!!

  10. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks a lot! ;D

  11. Kerry -

    very cool.
    I like the “unusual” colours you use in the faces.

  12. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks Kerry! 😉

  13. Alex V D -

    Hi Trev!
    Coolest drawings ever made!
    I have a question: how do start the drawing, do you just sketch it up, while looking at the photo, or what?? hope you got some tips!
    Alexander from Denmark

  14. Trev Murphy -

    Hi Alex,
    I use a grid for the initial sketch so everything matches. It helps if you crop your reference image to the same size as your paper/card so the grid on the reference matches the grid on your paper. I sketch it lightly, then ink, erase the pencil and then colour with markers. Hope that helps!
    All the best,
    Trev 😉

  15. Matthias -

    hey great art and very good copic skills, i also use them but my pictures are more comic like on copic paper. now i try to do something like that (portraits with copic)

    BUT which paper do you use if i want du mix more than 3 colors on copic paper it looks ugly

  16. chrisf -

    awesome work man! ive been using prisma color markers for years, and have some copics but didnt know how to use them now i do thanks, but I have one question what kind of paper are you using? and what size multiliners are you using and how does the brown multiliner come into play thanks

  17. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks Chris! 😉

  18. Jak -

    amazing work, love the usage of colour in your illustrations.

  19. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks Jak, I love the illustrations on your website! 🙂

  20. jon -

    wow I am a tattoo artist who prefers colored pencil but i do have friends who use markers like you do. I truely admire your style and techniqe. These videos give me inspiration to try a new medium!

  21. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the videos! 😉

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