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Gabriel’s Glee


Oh dear, Mr. Heckle Grizzledumb and his hulking son Neddy are having trouble trying to get Mrs. Grizzledumb’s gnarly old wardrobe through the front door. Suddenly Heckle drops his end of the huge wardrobe right on his toe! He bellows in pain as poor Neddy tries to keep it from toppling over. The wardrobe doors fly open and out tumble the ugliest dresses Gabriel has ever seen! Neddy runs to scoop them from out of the mud but slips and falls face first into the whole mess!
Gabriel laughs heartily at the scene and offers to help.

Gabriel’s New Neighbours


Gabriel the Gnome is a happy-go-lucky little fellow who lives in the woods of Corrigeen. He has many friends, most of whom are woodland animals and insects, like Lucinda the Ladybird.
When Gabriel hears noises coming from outside his cosy tree-trunk home one morning he goes outside to investigate.
Uh-oh – Gabriel has new neighbours – a Goblin family!

Captain Spaulding

Darth Harry

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    Here's how I like to use Copic markers, multiliners and acrylic.

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