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Bettie Page



The beautiful pinup Queen, Bettie Page.

DAWN – artist proof

DAWN 2013

My return card for Breygent’s ‘DAWN – New Horizons’ card set. Such a beautiful creation by Joseph Michael Linsner! 🙂

Bettie Page

BettiePage 2 - AP1

Artist proof for Versicolor’s second Bettie Page set.

Angels and Demons

Angels & Demons 1 MAB_angelsdemons_02 MAB_angelsdemons_03

3 cards for Marty & Boo Cards – ‘Angels & Demons’ set. www.angelsanddemonscards.com

Night Of The Living Dead – AP2

Night of the Living Dead

My second artists proof from Strictly Ink’s official set. Thanks Debi for the commission! 😉

The Walking Dead – Shane Walsh AP3

My final artist proof for the official The Walking Dead card set. Shane was such a great character.

The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes AP2


The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes AP


The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead – Dale Horvath

My Dale cards for Cryptazoic’s official The Walking Dead set.

The Walking Dead – Shane

My Shane Walsh cards for Cryptazoic’s ‘The Walking Dead’ set.

The Walking Dead – Walkers


Night of the Living Dead – Barbara

One of my artist proofs for Stricktly Ink’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’ set.

Star Wars – Galactic Files APs

My artists proofs for Topps set Star Wars – Galactic Files

Bombshells – Women of War

Bombshells - base card

My base card art for Axebone’s  ‘Bombshells – Women of War’ set. I wish I could have done more cards for this set but time did not permit.

Galactic Files – Han Solo

Han Solo - artist proof

One of my artist proofs for Star Wars – Galactic Files set by Topps. Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

Star Wars – Galactic Files

Galactic Files - 01

My 50 sketch cards for Topps Star Wars – Galactic Files set. I threw some funny ones in there to amuse myself! 😉

Dungeon Dolls – Oriental Magic

Island Dreams – Orangutan Holiday

4×6 charity card for the Island Dreams set.

The 501st Legion

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