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Christmas Vacation – Clark Griswold

Clark Griswold

Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze

For Caitsey 🙂

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins

Comedian, actor, singer and podcaster extraordinaire Paul F. Tompkins! Check out his very entertaining website and also Comedy Bang Bang for Paul’s appearances on the best comedy-podcast-featuring-a-myriad-of-exceptional-talents in all of existance!

The above image is a perfect wallpaper for your Windows phone. Here are some more wallpaper sizes for your chosen device!

Wallpaper for iPad 3

Wallpaper for iPhone 4

Wallpaper for Blackberry

Wallpaper for iPad and iPad 2

1600 x 1200 Fullscreen 4:3

Google Android

1920 x 1080p Widescreen

Comedian Andy Daly

Buy his hilarious album ‘Nine Sweaters’ and listen to his regular appearances on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast.

Tropic Thunder – Kirk Lazarus

Tropic Thunder – Tugg Speedman

Mr. Bean

Austin Powers


Napoleon Dynamite


Sarah Silverman


Patton Oswalt

ACEO patton oswalt

Dan Aykroyd

Bill Hicks

Bill Murray

Marty Daniels

Excellent comedian Marty Daniels!

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    Here's how I like to use Copic markers, multiliners and acrylic.

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