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Rita from Dexter on Twitter

Just discovered the lovely Julie Benz who plays Rita in ‘Dexter’ is on Twitter. Unless of course it’s some fat sweaty guy in his parents basement PRETENDING to be the lovely Julie Benz who plays Rita in ‘Dexter’. I’ll be an optimist and hit ‘follow’.

twitter - Julie Benz

Added a nice categories widget so it’s easier to browse through various movies or television shows, etc. Lashing rain out now (2:15am) and more forecast for tomorrow. I’ve stopped hoping for some nice weather, this is the third crappy summer in a row! I’m not one for heatwaves and spending all day on the beach but rain, rain and more rain is just gloomy.
Good weather for working though!

3 Responses to “Rita from Dexter on Twitter

  1. full episodes of dexter -

    Love Dexter! And also love reading anything Dexter related, nice blog

  2. Trev Murphy -

    Thanks! 😉

  3. Nagihan -

    I love dexter 😉 sorry Rita run from the film 🙁

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