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‘I’m Not A Monster.’

My first Joker painting, acrylic on 12×12″ canvas. For larger images or to purchase visit here: Store

5 Responses to “‘I’m Not A Monster.’

  1. chris -

    hey i think i bought the first one recently on ebay is it 12 x12?was it you or someone who copied you?or someone you sold it to reselling it ITS GREAT!!!cant wait to get it if it is yours

  2. Trev Murphy -

    Hi Chris, that one was a copy of mine. In the movie still his hand was in the shot and I removed it. I also added the pale background. If you check out the pictures in my store page you’ll see my painting has a lot more detail.

  3. Marcos Hernandez -

    Hi, I’m a street artist. Would you mind if I recreat your painting using soft pastels on concrete for a fundraiser?

  4. Trev Murphy -

    No, go for it! 🙂

  5. Marcos Hernandez -

    Thank you.

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    Here's how I like to use Copic markers, multiliners and acrylic.

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